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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Why Does Obama Suck?"

"Why Does Obama Suck?"

Via - Robert Steven Knight
Santiago, Chile
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Why does Obama suck?"

If you're not sure, ask Google.

It seems that millions of Americans already have asked this
question, along with:

"Why does the government want to kill us?", and

"Can the government take your gold?"

These are among the jewels of Google autocomplete-- instantly displaying results from the most popular searches.

Try it yourself. The results vary slightly based on geography,
but if you type, for example, "Obama is ", I get the following:

Not exactly the hope and change he was looking for I suppose.

(Canadians and Brits, don't feel left out. Google tells us that
Stephen Harper is, "the anti-christ" and David Cameron is, "a

While I'm sure we can all appreciate the humor, the reason these
searches show up instantly in Google is because so many people
are looking.

For example, when I type "Is America", Google completes it with
the most popular hit-- "Is America doomed"...

Typing in "Why does the government" conjures all sorts of
interesting queries, ranging from:

- need to collect taxes?
- want to kill us?
- lie?
- restrict seditious speech?

Or, typing "Why does the Federal Reserve. . . ", Google asks,
"still exist?" Good question.

On the topic of the dollar, Google tells us "the dollar is" collapsing,
dead, crashing, dying, devalued, not backed by gold, losing value,

Apparently more and more people are starting to question the
value and worth of their currency.

They're starting to have second thoughts about a system in which
we award a tiny banking elite with totalitarian control of the money

And they're starting to realize that that their government is
corrupt, far too powerful, and overrun with liars and thieves.

In fact, for proof, I typed "does homeland s", and Google completes

"Does Homeland Security pay well?" - and -
"Does Homeland Security hire felons?"

So it seems that convicted felons are looking for highly paid
government employment.


This is rather fitting given that typing "Will Ob" (not even the
full word) returns "Will Obama declare martial law?"

People are certainly wondering.

Getting to this point of mistrust has taken years
of endless warfare.

The embarrassing failures of Obamacare.

NSA and IRS scandals.

Constant stories of police brutality.

Higher taxes. Higher consumer prices.

It didn't happen overnight. But over time, people have
lost confidence not only in individual politicians, but in
the system itself.

The institution of government is now viewed as the problem,
not the solution.

And this represents a complete breakdown in the social

From the Romans to the Ottoman Empire to the Venetians,
history is full of examples which show that once societies
lose confidence in the system, substantial change and turmoil
often follows.

I suspect that if Google had been around in the mid-1780s,
autocomplete would probably tell us things like "Why does the
King Louis" suck? And, "Will France" collapse?

It did.

And when the French stormed the Bastille in 1789, they entered
a 26-year period of revolution, civil war, hyperinflation, and

I'm not suggesting that we're in for exactly the same fate.

But we would be foolish to presume that this lost confidence
and mistrust is a consequence-free environment.

Until tomorrow,

Simon Black

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  1. Great catch! I have come to rely on this site for really good perspective from the eye of grass roots "philosophy of the people", broad cultural identification and impulse to inform effective thinking for change that will matter for more folks. Straight up sound thinking for folks that want to make a difference in creating the new, needed culture strengthening beauty, goodness and truth. Well played brother!


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