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Friday, February 28, 2014

Women Raise Men's

Women Raise Men's

By Angela Kinamore
February 28, 2014

Though I been treated as second class since put upon this earth,
and told I can’t do without men, they forget one thing, women
raise men's!

I know men's thoughts before, they think them, I know men's
better than they know themselves, and I know how to get along
without men's, if I have to.

I’ve carried men's in my womb.

I’ve made life pleasant for men's, giving my love and wisdom,
teaching men's how to survive, soaring men's sights, to higher

I do all right raising men's in a fatherless world, teaching men's
to grow strong, to learn how to carry on…

Women keep the race going, the bloodline flowing, perfecting
each diamond of a child…sho nuff’.

To be a woman is great, for I am a queen in my own way.

Men's should reflect on that, open their eyes, and see just
how great women can be, "Cause We Raise Men's!"

This poem and post are dedicated to the, "Woman" who raised me.
Love you, "Mom" and may you continue to rest in eternal love and eternal peace.

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