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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Greatest Generation?

The Greatest Generation?

A Poem

By Francis A. Boyle
November 12, 2013

The Greatest Generation?

Oh really?

If they were so great

Then why did they send

Their Sons so willingly

Off to die

In Vietnam

A war they started

While we suffered from

58,000 young men

Of my generation

Were murdered

By The Greatest Generation

Hundreds of Thousands

Of our Lives were destroyed

Plus 3 million genocided Vietnamese

Not that “gooks” mattered to The Greatest Generation

Then neither did we their Sons

Why didn’t The Greatest Generation

Rise up as One

And tell the American Empire

That you will not have our Sons

Over our dead bodies!

Hell no!

They will not go!

Why did The Greatest Generation

Not fight for US their Sons

Against the American Empire

As they did against the German and Japanese Empires

We the Sons of the Greatest Generation were not worth it

They said they were liberating Peoples in Foreign Lands

Then why did The Greatest Generation send their Sons

To fight and die

In that God-forsaken Land?

And to murder millions living in their own Land?

Was this some blood-sport

we had to play

With them as pony riders

and US as buzkashi goat carcasses

Was it reverse Freudian Oedipal Complex

Them killing us off

before we got to them

And took their place

Were we blood-sacrifice to Moloch

With them as Priests

And we as sacrificial lambs

Were we their Abrahams

Actually murdering US their Isaacs

In a Holocaust

To their Genocidal Yahweh

Hard to say

What was going on

In the Minds of The Greatest Generation

If anything at all

Mindless Patriotism

The last refuge of them Scoundrels!

They knew all about War

then sent their Sons marching off

Into the Valley of Death

Charge of the Light Brigade

The result was predictable

A Decimated Generation

A Shattered Generation



The Greatest Generation?

Hell no!

A Pathetic Generation!

May they ever be tormented

By Their Own Son’s Souls

Francis Anthony Boyle is a professor of international law
at the University of Illinois College of Law.

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