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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

On the morning of October 09, 2013 an attempt was made on my
life by a knife wielding assailant.

I sustained a cut from my assailant's knife across my neck area,
as well as a stab/puncture wound on my left leg.

By the grace of God, my assailant missed cutting any of my
main arteries and/or my jugular vein, as he wildly swung his
knife around my head and my entire neck area.

Today I would like to personally thank Carl, Yusef, Franky, and Rob,
for saving my life on this past Wednesday morning.

Brothers, I owe each of you a very huge debt of gratitude, as well
as my life, because each of you risked your own life, as well as
your own personal safety, just to save me from this knife wielding
lunatic, and I will never, ever, ever, forget you guys, or forget what
you have now done for me.

I salute the peace, love, wisdom, faith, divinity, strength, courage,
and bravery, that dwells very deep inside of each of you and may
God, bless and keep all of you safe from harm, as each of you
continues working in your individual roles as Security Professionals,
and as "True Warriors" in the Lord's Army.



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