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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Mass Awakening

Flood of Information Will Cause Mass Awakening When Media
Control Ends

By Golden Age of Gaia
Sunday, August 11, 2013

Control of the mainstream media appears to persist.

When control of the media is overcome, we can expect a flood
of information that will result in a great mass awakening.

Jesus through John Smallman tells us that the media remains
under the control of those whose interests lie in dominating

“[The] media is owned and controlled by those who would control
you, and it is obviously not in their interests to inform you of what
is truly occurring."

Nevertheless, they no longer have a stranglehold on the
dissemination of information, and the truth is coming out
despite their best efforts to contain it.” (1)

SaLuSa tells us that “the media is aware of what is happening but
hold back for fear of the consequences.

That will change in short time, as we must have an informed public
before we can consider open contact.” (2)

The Pleiadian High Council through Wes Annac tell us that the
reasons for media suppression of the news are often invented
out of thin air.

“All those who know of revolutionary things are not allowed to
talk, for reasons made out of thin air when the real reasons
behind the suppression of so very many things are for control
and for a sustained feeding of the elite class and of a presumed
‘betterness’ on the part of your dark than the rest of humanity.” (3)

Matthew Ward sees the decline of media censorship as a good
indicator of the light’s progress:

“Because the dissemination of accurate information is crucial,
another good indicator of the light’s progress is that mainstream
media censorship clearly is on the decline.” (4)

Action is occurring but it isn’t being reported on, SaLuSa tells us.

“Action is taking place but as you have realized it still does not hit
the main Press outlets."

The news will become so important that a point will come when it
can no longer be hidden or ignored.

Governments like to be in control and have always tried to cover up
news about demonstrations or rebellions amongst the people.

However, once the media gets hold of the real truth behind what is
happening, they will take the side of the people.” (5)

The impact of the truth getting out via the alternative press is that
more and more people will wake up, Jesus says.

“As more and more information about how you have been lied
to and betrayed by those who have claimed to be working on
your behalf becomes generally known, so more of you will feel
that nudge to awaken, to change the insane reality in which
you apparently have to live your lives, and to join collectively
together to change the nightmare of your illusory reality into
a pleasant and harmonious dream from which awakening will
be easy, enticing, and entrancing.” (6)

Wanderer of the Skies says the truth revelation will cause the
greatest “Mass Awakening” to date.

“Prepare for great movements of information all over your globe
that will focus those who are not in tune with what you have been
accomplishing all this while."

This will be the next, and greatest to date, mass awakening of
individuals who have been asleep through the process thus far.

This information will come from many sources, including your media,
which has even now begun to unravel the Illuminati control about it.

“Truth is rolling over those that resist, and those who have always
wanted this information to ‘get out’ now see no impediment to their
actions to make it so."

This trickle will now become the floodgates of information that are
a precursor to disclosure.” (7)

SaLuSa describes the work of the Earth allies in getting information

“There are a number of trusted allies that are in the forefront of
releasing information that makes clear what our intentions are."

"In short time we will also play our part in bringing out the facts
directly to the public. … Many atrocities have taken place that
you are unaware of, but the truth cannot be concealed.” (8)

He predicts a sudden wealth of information soon.

“Each project is underway and that will result in a sudden wealth
of information reaching you."

Events are such that the facts can no longer be kept hidden, and
with that there will be an explosion of people coming forward to
tell what they know.

It may take longer where the Vatican is concerned, as it is akin
to a secret society that has kept its dark secrets hidden well

However, nothing will remain concealed for too long, as you are
entitled to know the truth and the extent to which you have been
deceived.” (9)

He describes how eventually the star nations will provide
news directly but for now they rely on the Internet, despite
the presence of some deliberate disinformation.

“Eventually we will provide our own services to ensure our
actions are not misrepresented, but meantime we welcome
and thank those of the Light who are in the forefront of
revelations through the Internet."

“Sometimes the reports are somewhat speculative, which
means that you must still be discerning in how you interpret

By and large they will be reliable, but you must still watch out
for deliberate disinformation.” (10)

At that time it will be shown that the galactics are here at the
request of the councils that look after this planet’s development,
he says.

“You near the time when our actions and that of our allies will
be reported in the media.

With it will come explanations for what takes place, and it will
be made clear that our intervention has been authorized by the
High Councils that look after your evolution.

“Normally you would be left to determine your future, and that
is still true where your Ascension is concerned.

However, we talk of the greater picture, and our responsibility to
carry out the Divine Decree that you shall all have the opportunity
to ascend.” (11)

So we can expect the opening of the floodgates of information
as the media yields its censorship of the news.

When it happens, whistleblowers will come forward and the
galactics will provide their own services to get the news out.

The flood of information will cause the greatest mass awakening
to date as we move forward towards the date of Ascension.

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