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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obama is as Embarrassing as Bush

Obama is as Embarrassing as Bush

President Barack Obama's unrelenting warrior spirit and paranoia
over leaks of any kind raise this question: Has he become as
embarrassing as George W. Bush?

By Michael Collins
June 30, 2013

One of the media myths about Ronald Reagan was that he made
us feel better about our country. That's such trash.

I don't need anybody to make me feel good about my country
and fellow citizens.

Like tens of millions of others, I can do that on my own based on
what I see every day. The vast majority of people of this country
are terrific.

Unfortunately, thanks to the influence of big money and sketchy
elections, the leaders suck.

While my attitude toward the country is uninfluenced by political
leaders, I admit that every now and then I feel embarrassed to
have the latest charade as president of the United States.

I thought that George W. Bush would hold the embarrassment title
forever; have his jersey hoisted into the rafters of the big political
field house as the all time embarrassment.

He could barely speak. He strung sentences together that were often
unrelated. He had his own dyslexicon that showed his Freudian slips
on a regular basis.

Worse still, Bush failed to protect nation on 9/11 despite a ton of
excellent intelligence.

Then, to cover his unbelievable command failure, he launched the
catastrophic invasion and occupation of Iraq.

There's much more, of course.

He let Wall Street become a big casino that transferred wealth to the rich from the middle class at a record pace. On and on. The man was a disaster.

Even though he stole two elections, I'd get an uneasy feeling
with him as "hard to say" my president.

We have a new contender.

President Barack Obama pulled off the scam of the new millennium
when he convinced people that he was a refreshing change from

He was the liberal minded, highly intelligent, polished alternative
to the years of Bush disasters.

Things would be different (unless you knew what appointing
Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary meant).

Wall Street got more bailouts. Instead of facing charges, the
fat cats took bonuses as the economy collapsed.

Unemployment soared, businesses failed, and foreclosures
reached epic proportions.

What did Obama do? He rammed through a health care bill
that has a few nice features.

It also represents a bailout for health insurance and drug companies
that will now have their outrageous price increases subsidized by the
government (i.e., us).

Real job numbers are still in the disaster zone.

Obama Catches Up To Bush

Obama's wars have been by proxy. He had NATO front for him in
the Libyan massacre. That intervention cost countless lives and
impoverished the Libya.

To win that war, the United States (through NATO) backed a
Libyan group that had aligned itself with Al Qaeda.

The same formula applies in Syria.

Even though that nation wasn't attacking or threatening us,
we're violating the Nuremberg Principles (VI, a, i, ii) by aiding
in the invasion and destruction of that nation.

And guess who is on our side once again?

Al Qaeda fighters who somehow got into the country to evict
the elected ruler of that country.

It's like a mob hit.

The boss tells a guy to get out of his territory. The guy says no.
So the boss sends some thugs to messes up the guy's place in a
big way and kill a bunch of people just to make the point.

Libya and Syria won't match Iraq for deaths, injuries and total

The machinations behind those efforts do equal or exceed the
lies and viciousness before and during the Iraq invasion.

To paraphrase a great man, at long last has the Obama
administration lost all sense of common decency?

The president equaled Bush's embarrassment quotient with two
recent revelations on secrecy.

Edward Snowden blew a big whistle on administration spying on
we the people.

The so-called liberal apologists for Obama can't disappear this one,
not now, not ever.

As part of Snowden's revelations, SpiegelOnline just released a story
about administration tapping of European Union allies - Germany,
France, the UK, etc.

In addition, the McClatchy Washington Bureau broke a very disturbing
story last week on an Obama program called the Insider Threat

Anyone revealing information designated secret or, in some cases,
unclassified information, will be subject to a felony charge.

The very ugly wars of devastation against Libya and Syria plus the
massive paranoia exhibited in the Snowden affair and the revelations
of the Insider Threat Program make President Barrack H. Obama
every bit as embarrassing as his predecessor.

Obama, Congress, and the United States Supreme Court represent
the trifecta of political disaster.

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