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Friday, May 3, 2013

Kill Bill

Kill Bill

Dear God:

"Kill Bill" was the name of a two-part action/thriller film that was
written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, back in 2003-2004.

Heavenly Father, "Kill Bill" is now also the title of this post on my
blog, as well as the name of this open public prayer, that I am now
very sincerely making on behalf of myself, and on the behalf of the
disadvantage, the marginalized, the terrorized, the oppressed, and
the forgotten.

Heavenly Father, as you are already aware, it has now been over
five years since Bill Gates and his crew of fellow corporate satanist,
illegally shut down Expotera, while taking me, your son, "Hostage"
in the process, and Lord, after five very long years of now being
held against my will by the devil, and his men, I am now publicly
asking you oh Lord, to "Kill Bill" or to simply kill me, instead.

Heavenly Father, this world is simply no longer big enough for the
people who think, work, and operate, like Bill Gates, to ever peaceful
coexist with the people who think, work and operate, like myself, and
Lord, I can personally no longer stand being down here under these
current and extremely backward circumstances, where evil is now
considered to be good, and good is now considered to be evil, and I
am now asking you Lord, to directly intervene in these matters, and
to simply chose which man, and which plan, stay's down here on earth
and which man, and which plan, is to now be returned to their native

Heavenly Father, my faith in You, is presently stronger than it has
ever been, and I am now ready to die on a moments notice for You,
and for what I believe in. But Lord, my faith in humanity, and in my
fellow human beings, is now at an all time low, because unlike my
Brother before me, I wasn't sent down here to die for anyone else's

Heavenly Father, most people down here don't get me and Lord,
quite honestly, I don't get most people down here as well and I
really do miss being back at home.

Heavenly Father, under these present circumstances, how am I to
continue to find the inspiration, the passion, the motivation, and
the dedication, to try to help build something that in the end, isn't
going to really benefit me, as much as it will now benefit all
mankind, but as of today, is still continuing to be held back by
the devil, and all of his many, many, earthly minions?

Heavenly Father, why must I now be the one strapped with this
extremely frustrating and totally thankless job of trying to wake
up, and trying to save, a very large group of people who obviously
have no personal interest or earthly desire, in being woken up at
this present time, as well as no current plan or future ability, to
try to save even one of themselves on their very own?

Heavenly Father, today marks the three year anniversary of the
starting of this blog, yet as of today, I have yet to ever receive
even one dollar as a freewill donation, from any of my fellow
enlightened followers of this blog, or from any of it's readers at

Heavenly Father, my three year body of work here, represents a true
labor of love for both You, and for the truth, as well as represents a
carefully laid and extremely meticulous argument of guilt against the
devil, and all of his men.

Heavenly Father, I am simply tired of not being fully supported in
all of my efforts, as well as simply tired of being the one taken
for granted here. And Lord, I am also simply tired of being the
one who is now very clearly being retaliated against, and being
punished beyond earthly description, for continuing to tell the
truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

Heavenly Father, Bill Gates is now directly behind all of this and for
the life of me oh Lord, I can't even imagine why You, in your infinite
and divine wisdom, would have ever created a man such as this.

Heavenly Father, this man steals not out of necessity, but simply for
the pure joy, love, and respect, of the devil, yet he continues to
escape any form of earthly punishment from You, or from any of his
fellow men.

Heavenly Father, this man is willing to give starving men, women,
and children, shots and vaccinations, before giving them food or
water, yet he continues to be afforded all of his earthly wealth,
privileges and immunities, and on behalf of all humanity oh Lord,
this simply needs to be brought to a very quick and decisive end.

Heavenly Father, I am now publicly placing my life, as well as my
soul, up against the life and the soul of Bill Gates, because Lord,
you now have a very important decision to make, and if it were
up to me, oh Lord, I pray that it is my life, and my soul, that you
will now take.

Heavenly Father, please "Kill Bill" or just please kill me, but please
Lord, end all of this highly unnecessary pain, suffering and misery.

Amen and Happy Anniversary

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  1. I love you, Tony, my brother, always*


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