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Monday, March 4, 2013

What is Socialism?

The Root of all Good?

By Alexander Vancel
The Allegiant
March 04, 2013

Opponents to Socialism like to paint a picture of the “evil
government” taking all of your hard earned money and
redistributing it a way that they deem necessary.

Rather than breaking down forms of Socialism, we are provided
with scare tactics such as the government taking from the rich
and giving it to the poor, like Robin Hood.

Closer examination shows that there are many Socialist Programs
which are already provided by the government.

These forms of Socialism have a different name so we don’t think
about packing our bags and running away from the “tyrannical
government coming to get us and our freedom.”

Police Officers, Firefighters, Roads and Bridges, Military Personnel,
Student Grants and Loans, Public Schools, Jails and Prisons, Farm
Subsidies, the EPA, and many more programs are all forms of

Americans pay their taxes to the state and government which are
then redistributed toward these types of programs which benefit
our society.

When tax money is given to a recipient who betters our society,
this is a form of Socialism.

Interestingly, when this subject is broken down into words that we
are more familiar with, most people do not object to the process.

Only when the word is used to describe something or someone in
a negative way does it become “evil” and hated.

Simple word play is apparently enough to alter how society views
programs that we all benefit from in some way.

If we ask someone if they want to pay our military personnel to
defend us and our country, more than likely the answer will be yes.

Police Officers and Firefighters are essential to all groups of people
in America but we wouldn’t try to declare these groups as evil takers,
well most of us wouldn’t anyway.

Somehow a small group of people have persuaded a large number of
individuals into thinking that Socialism is a terrible concept and try
to encourage a sort or revolution against the idea.

A familiar tale of greed and wealth redistribution would be that of
Robin Hood; the hero who takes from the evil person in charge and
gives the goods to the poor in order to benefit society, a SOCIALIST.

When this story is told, most people would probably root for Robin
Hood, but when we take those ideas and apply then to real life they
are somehow seen as different and negative.

Social Security is a system in which we pay a portion of our paycheck
into a pool of money which is then given to those who are recipients
of the program.

Social Security is "SOCIALISM" but that is not demonized and
presented as an evil system which is taking from the rich and
giving to the lazy people in America.

When we need medical care or we are unemployed, we are more
than happy to receive money from the government to help us in
our time of need.

Only when people have to pay instead of reap the benefits is there
an issue of the Socialistic process.

Greed is the only answer as to why society does not want to aid
those in need, even when they are from the same country.

“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” would include taking
care of your fellow Americans, helping other people is what America
is good at.

We can give foreign aid to other countries but aren’t allowed to
use those same funds to help our own citizens?

Seems to be an oxymoron and against someone who we might all
know of by the name of Jesus Christ.

Yes, Jesus is one of the most famous Socialists and yet he is adored
and worshiped, literally. This man healed this sick and helped the
poor and others in need, yes a Socialist.

Jesus advocated that the rich give their wealth to the poor in order
to help everyone, in fact the bible verse of Mark 10:25 states “It is
easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich
man to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Socialism is only demonized by the greedy and those who feel like
they should only have to look out for themselves until it applies to

When their situation changes and they need a form of Socialism,
then it is something should be provided.

Jesus and Robin Hood are two examples that we would agree
where giving to the poor is of good moral character.

Real Americans should support a type of Democratic Socialistic
structure where the needy are not left to fend for themselves or
worse to die.

This country should be for supporting our fellow Americans and
taking care of each other.

Jesus helped those in need and in bad health.

Robin Hood redistributed wealth.

We could learn a thing or two from these individuals.

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