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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is Occupy Wall Street Dead?

Is Occupy Wall Street Dead?

The movement has gone from hibernation to invisible, but can
rebirth still flourish summer and beyond?

By Common Dreams Staff
June 12, 2012

"Most of the social scientists who are at all like me - unsentimental
leftists, think this movement is over," says Harvard University
professor Theda Skocp.

Speaking to Reuters about the grassroots 'Occupy' movement that
began in Manhattan last fall and sparked nationwide encampments
of public spaces and opened a long-ignored dialogue about income
inequality and unaddressed Wall Street malfeasance.

The guffaws of OWS activists and organizers can already be heard
as the news that a Harvard professor has called the movement null
and void.

But even Adbusters, the 'culture-jamming' magazine that help
spawn the original Wall Street occupation, says that things have
changed dramatically for the movement.

"Our movement is living through a painful rebirth..." began its
frontpage essay this week, and then quoted a Zuccoti park regular
who declared, "We are facing a nauseating poverty of ideas.”

Bill Dobbs, a member of Occupy New York's press team, challenged
Skocpol's view, explaining to Reuters that he compares the OWS
struggle to that of America's civil rights movement - long and
uphill, with broad goals to radically alter American society.

The first step, he said, has been to re-animate America's long-
dormant spirit of social activism.

Adbuster's prescription: flash encampments. But is that enough?

The questions, however unpleasant for some, remain: what now
for Occupy?

What now for those who still believe in the causes of the
movement, but are perplexed on how best to move it forward?

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