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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Choice: Apathetic Decay or the Decay of Apathy

Our Choice: Apathetic Decay or the Decay of Apathy

By Mike Cotugno
End The
March 22, 2012

Economic, political and social strife are ramping up at an
exponential rate around the world as global production and
development atrophies, promising a further proliferation of
civil decay.

Wars rage on as the ministry of truth propaganda machine whips up
the Prozac-addicted populace into a xenophobic, jingoist frenzy to
send more and more of their young men and women to fight and die
for vague and specious ends.

We are denied due process of law while the most vile wretches in
society claim power over other men through the usurpation of the
state’s monopoly on law and force, over which they have profound
sway and influence.

Millions are losing their homes and jobs and depend on food stamps
for sustenance while the already opulent and affluent pigs on Wall
Street are somehow becoming more corpulent and voracious.

The “revolving door,” the term so nonchalantly coined by
the mainstream corporate whore media for the seamless
flux of professional titles from mega-bank CEO to senator,
is a testament to the blasé attitude of high fructose corn
syrup consuming automatons to the most blatant, brazen
theft in the history of humanity.

Many, if not all of the regulatory bodies have been thoroughly
infiltrated and captured or had been initially created to only
benefit the industries they were originally intended to regulate.

A well known bank executive is on record saying while
the true power brokers are screwing us royally through
fraud and corruption, they are only “doing God’s work;”
an appropriately logical conclusion to reach as these
sociopaths believe their right to plunder the whole of
civilization is derived from the divine right of kings.

Their rapaciousness for evermore intravenous monetary injections
from the fiat kingpin at the Federal Reserve erodes the standard
of living for all as we become serfs in a neo-feudal society;
forever bound to reap the consequences of the elite’s hedonistic
indulgences, indebted by the debts of our masters.

It doesn’t matter though.

I could go on ad nauseum about the CIA getting caught trafficking
drugs and running child prostitution rings or the president giving
himself the power to kill anyone indiscriminately without trial.

It would not change anything or change the mind of anyone who
was not already aware.

This type of willful ignorance is certainly bliss, and ironically,
these despots rely on that same ignorance of their crimes to further
their agendas, and when they see that there are no consequences
to their actions, they only become more audacious and dangerous.

Apathy is the true mortal coil of my generation. But fate is bullshit.

We were not destined to be in perpetual debt for our entire lives,
living paycheck to paycheck.

Why is it that our parents could come out of high school and be
successful while we are expected to spend up to 8 years in the
prime of our lives to get a piece of paper that we have to pay
off for years, which still does not guarantee career security?

Are we the first generation in America to accept a lower standard
of living than our parents?

No, first you have to realize you have been fleeced. Lied to,
herded and sheered.

You have to fully absorb the fact that the world is not a Disney
movie and we don’t get to be what we want to be and have a
nice house and two cars and 2.5 kids.

No, in fact, statistically speaking, it’s more likely that we will be
on some type of government welfare and will have to use credit
cards to finance our eating habits.

The gap between the rich and the poor a generation ago was merely
a crack in the sidewalk that could be easily stepped over compared
to the gorge wealth discrepancies have fissured into today.

Ours and our siblings’ futures have been mortgaged off by tyrants
to stay in office just a one more term, who in turn sell their vote
to the highest bidder.

Our obliviousness is what these mischievous bastards feed off of.

The indifference to who shapes our futures and how they plan on
executing their agendas gives psychopaths carte blanche to mold
society as they wish.

We have to snap out of it. We have to become enraged, aware,
and vengeful. Just anything so we know we are still alive.

Proclaim you will not allow some pedophiles to get together in
round table discussions where they extrapolate our future in secret.

Stand up for yourself and herald that you are human. Your life has

You are not in a cog in a machine that you don’t understand, you
are a sentient body with free will teeming with potential.

It is not my goal or even my responsibility to shake people out of
their listlessness; my only ambition is to offer a choice, or rather,
to show people that the choice was always there.

The choice is to wake up or to stay asleep, become aware or
consciously choose not to think.

It is an arduous task to disseminate ideas to the masses that are
contrary to the status quo without economic and political support,
but it is not impossible.

Ideas play a significant role in society and the power
these criminals have over others is largely because of
public sentiment and a complete lack of engagement.

As Samuel Adams once said “it does not require a majority to
prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush
fires in people’s minds.”

A political and intellectual revolution is underway; choose carefully
which side are you on.

Mike Cotugno is an independent investigative researcher and writer
with a passion for objective analysis and truth and is a regular
contributor to

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