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Saturday, July 9, 2011

America's Downfall

We All Are Responsible

By The Brass Monkey Blog
Saturday, July 09, 2011

We have been witness to a 30 year effort to globalize America. We gave barely a notice as President Carter gave up the Panama Canal.

Today China is working to double the width and capacity of the canal.

We watched as Regan implemented the era of greed is good and bigger is better and relegated anti trust law to the closet.

Then came President´s Clinton and Bush (number 0ne), pressing
for a World Trade Organization and NAFTA (North American Free
Trade Agreement).

Then we watched the government give China World Trade Organization membership and the creation of all the AFTA´s. (American Free Trade Agreements)

What was the result of all this?

Manufacturing, dollars and jobs out, turning the wealthiest nation into the greatest debtor nation.

This culminated in the great recession, where today, Ben Bernanke
is saying that it will take several years to restore the US economy
and achieve acceptable levels of unemployment.

At the same time the government was working on globalization
they were pushing expansion and growth in the US.

Population growth was expedited through illegal immigration
and anchor babies.

Pressure was brought to bear on American workers through a
whole bunch of temporary worker visa programs.

Education costs were high and classrooms were half filled with foreign students, many looking to hold a US job on graduation. Wages were stagnant or falling.

The point is gang that we are all responsible for the state of America.

We sat back and let the government and corporations decide
what was good for us. Big mistake!

We put our well being in the hands of corrupt corporations.

They sure as hell did not have our best interests in mind when
they moved there manufacturing jobs overseas.

We put our trust in Washington politicians.

They sure as hell did not have our best interests at heart. They
were in the pockets of the corporations.

I can not remember how many times when carrying on a
conversation with someone and happen to mention politics.

The response a lot of time? I do not get involved with politics.

Folks, you better get involved because look at what our non involvement has gotten us.

Never assume that the politicians are smarter then you and
know what´s best. Because they are not and they don´t.

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