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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

365 Days Together

365 Days Together...
And Not Many Blogs, or Bloggers, Even Reach This Day,
While Many Other Businesses, and Blogs, Seem To Fail,
Expotera, and Expotera Blogspot, Are Most Definitely Here To Stay!

Many Have Now Tried To Silence Us,
And Many More Have Now Tried To Put Us Down,
Many Have Now Very Clearly Broken Several Laws Here,
Yet The FBI, and The Justice Department, Are Still Absolutely No Where To Be Found?

365 Days Together...
And Numerous Very True Stories Have Now Been Reported And Told,
I Want To Thank All Of You, For Your Love, Support, And Prayers,
Because With Out This, Expotera And Expotera Blogspot, Might Have Already Been Sold?

Many Others Have Now Sold Their Souls Directly To The Devil,
For A Little Temporary Fame And Fortune, Here On This Earth,
Many Of These Individuals Are Now Laughing At And Mocking Us,
But Only God Knows Expotera, And Our, Immeasurable Value And Incredible Net Worth!

365 Days Together...
And This Battle With Jon DeVaan and Several Others, Still Wages On,
God Has A History Of Using Believers, To Accomplish The Impossible,
And Please Remember, It Is Always Darkest, Just Before The Dawn.

We Have Now Been Together Through Many, Many Struggles,
And We Have Now Been Together Through Many Ups And Downs,
But We Realize, The Tallest And Mightiest Oaks In The Forest,
Were Once Only Little Nuts, Who Simply Held Their Ground.

365 Days Together...
And May God Please Bless Us And Allow Us To Live To See 365 More,
Expotera, and All Of Our Brightest, and Best Days, Still Lie Ahead Us,
And The Devil, Now Waits For All Of Our Enemies, At Hell's Front And Back Doors.

They Did Their Best To Try To Steal Our Company Away From Us,
And When This Didn't Work, They Did Their Best To Shut Us Down,
A Very Happy Anniversary, To All Of You and To Expotera Blogspot,
And To The Devil, And To Mr. DeVaan, Judgement Day, Shall Soon Be Coming Around!

The Last Boy In Line

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