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Sunday, May 23, 2010

God, Please Send Us An Angel

from tony whitcomb
date Tue, May 18, 2010 at 4:53 PM
subject Initial Business Proposal

Dear Google Team:

Thank you for your very timely response and for also taking a
very sincere interest in our Expotera entrepreneurial endeavor.

My name is Tony Whitcomb and I humbly represent the 4 billion low-income consumers constituting a majority of the world’s population and we make up what is called the, “base of the (economic) pyramid” or BOP, and we would like to discuss partnering up with Google to develop and to create the world's first Small Business, Social Networking, Monthly Membership Fee and Monthly Residual Commission based Company/Website called, Expotera.

We are currently seeking and desperately in need of a Multi-Billion dollar Angel Investor/Technology Partner to help us legally separate and replace our current, Multi-Billion dollar Non-Angel Investor/Technology Partner on this global project.

From the technology side, our business plan does not require the inventing of any new technologies because social networking scripts and centralized e-commerce packages are a dime a dozen these days and the technology we would need to handle the sales and marketing side of the company/website, has already been fully researched and developed by an outside third party technology vendor.

From the sales and marketing side, our business plan utilizes a relationship/direct sales marketing system (business to business and/or person to person) as the primary model for initially attracting our new Co-Owners/Community Members to Expotera.

Our Company's business strategy is based on 3 keys: (1) building
a powerful field-based marketing and sales channel of Co-Owners
/Community Members that it can effectively manage and control;
(2) creating a Web-based marketplace that generates value for its
Co-Owners/Community Members through the products and services that it offers; and (3) leveraging the membership distribution channel to sell a growing number of additional products and services that can be co-branded or private labeled.

Our Company will recognize revenue from multiple sources including:
(1) revenues from the initial sale of memberships to new Co-Owners/
Community Members; (2) on going monthly membership/advertising fees received from its Co-Owners/Community Members; (3) banner advertising received from global vendors who have identified the Co-Owners/Community Members as a target market; and (4) consulting and/or service referral fees for the delivery of high end projects or Internet Websites for e-commerce.

Our objective for the Expotera website is to create a online community for small to mid size businesses to showcase their company's on the Internet. Our initial target market is the severely undeserved and completely underdeveloped, small business market with a 95% global market opportunity. A company can use the website either as their sole web presence or to enhance the marketing strategy of their existing website and non small business owners can use the web site for both social networking as well as shopping/business networking.

I currently am the Founder and CEO of Expotera and I currently own 51% of the company and I have approximately 50 private investors who loaned/invested $500,000.00 to the company in exchange for the opportunity to convert their loans/investments into future non-voting shares in Expotera at the initial offering price of $1.00 per share.

The other 49% of the company is currently owned by a private investment/technology group led by this gentlemen, and I am not sure how much of a legal fight Mr. DeVaan and his group are going to be willing to put up in regards to these matters especially in light of the very public allegations that I have now leveled against him and his partners, but from what I know of these men, they absolutely hate losing and I am anticipating a potential huge legal battle ahead.

If Google still has a very sincere interest in Expotera and in working with all of us on this project after reviewing this initial business proposal from Expotera, then I would humbly suggest trying to come up with a financially creative way for all of us to continue this conversation in person at some point at your Corporate Headquarters out in beautiful Mountain View, California.

From all of us here on the Expotera Team, we wish all of you nothing but continued peace, prosperity and success, in all of your current and future endeavors and we greatly look forward to hearing from you and continuing this conversation amongst Friends, Colleagues and Angels, from here.

Very Best Regards,

Tony E. Whitcomb
Founder/CEO Expotera

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